SHUMI LOVE DESIGN (TM) - Armenian cognac / Erivanskaya Krepost (Erivan Castle)

SHUMI LOVE DESIGN (TM) - Armenian cognac  Erivanskaya Krepost  5.jpg

"When starting the creation process on the packing design for this line of Armenian cognacs, the agency’s designers had to consider the peculiarities and traditions common for this drink type as well as the client’s requests. The production company wanted the label to feature the façade of the factory building where the cognac is produced. Taking this request into account, the agency’s specialists have developed a packing design where this element acts as the main and style-defining aspect of the packaging.
The overall feel of the design can be described as traditionally strict, masculine, expressive, using ethnic elements. However, the composition’s main detail is the stylized image of the factory’s façade executed with the application of modern printing techniques that create the illusion of gold stamping on the label. The stylistic expression of this element sets the tone for the whole packaging and introduces the concept of continuity, connectedness to the product’s historical roots."