Kingdom & Sparrow - Isla Natura

"Isla Natura wild harvests the superfruit maqui berry, on the island of Chiloé in Patagonia. They needed to rebrand their food packaging to really show their unique methods of working and embrace the natural goodness of their product. They work with the local Mapuche tribe to harvest their fruit. We decided to capture some of the tribe’s and the island’s history by harking back to their mythology and tribal patterns."

"It was important to bring out the benefits and ingredients in their relatively new products, so that people could easily understand what they were buying. The products also had to sit alongside other health food and superfood products. This meant that being a recognisable health food, whilst standing out was our main challenge. Since the rebrand has launched, the feedback has been incredible and has been picked up by stockists across the continents."

Designed by Kingdom & Sparrow