LINEA Agency - Ibis French Brandy

"The Finnish group ALTIA has entrusted LINEA, the packaging design agency from the Spirits Valley, with the upgrading of its IBIS brandy range. The creative strategy has first focused on the redesign of its scope of expression and has rooted it in its renewal and its French culture. The IBIS bird becomes a contemporary reinterpretation of the impetus once initiated by its founder. XO and EXTRA quality labelling is widely inspired by French-style elegance both in its typographic style, its graphic architecture, its colour palette and its decorations such as the use of tactile varnish producing an embossed effect. The bottle shape, with its restrained and uncluttered lines, is modern and urban. It has been selected for its roundness, its stability and its generosity with its broad shoulders. The brandy is perfect for an assertive cocktail consumption. Through its new codes and audacity, that new brandy generation introduces a unique art of living and a prestige culture."

Designed by LINEA Agency