Sohail Sarwar - Flife, A Hot Tea being Cool (Concept)

"Flife, a tea packaging concept in refreshing/energizing tone of green that gives the real feel of tea garden. With this project, I design keeping the "Taste" in my mind, it looks and feels tasty both in color and design. It's a milk tea it should be tasty, so the design say it all.
I design it as a real product in real market among the competitor brands. Customer focused, say all about itself, differentiate itself and a hot tea being cool.
The name "Flife" comes from 'full of like/flavor of life' it's my own creation. The lovely one.
Professionally, it's a unique in color in the competitor tea brand market. Its look and feel differentiates it easily from the available competitor brands."

Designed by Sohail Sarwar