Radmir Völk - KIRIN (Concept)

"A little bit about beer - KIRIN:
• This is the first Japanese beer that is produced since 1888. This is the most historic beer in Japan, with 127 years of history.
• KIRIN uses the "mythical beast" a legendary animal as the main symbol of the East.
• Characteristic feature is its rich, full-bodied and bitter taste. This is done via the hops as this beer taste.
• As a result, it was the best selling beer in Japan for 100 years of its existence, and became the beer that represents Japan.
The red disc on the label is the same as the national flag of Japan and represents the sun. Keeping the label minimal and clean allows the symbol and the text to stand out, and the brand utilizes purposeful lines and angles from blocks of color to create an impressive look."

Designed by Radmir Völk