ASTOR Branding - Brahma / Carnaval Edition

"Quilmes brewery, one of the largest brewers in Argentina, entrusted us with this release of his new edition of Brahma Carnival.
• Design a new beer can for Brahma's carnival limited edition.
• Accomplish proposals aligned with the concepts of carnival: youth, coolness, freshness and fun.
• Bring the carnival spirit throughout all its representations to achieve a strong connection to the local consumer and the brand.
• Strengthen the position of a large and innovative brand with a new proposal to the market.
• We seek the elements that blend the carnival with beer and taste for fun.
• Propose a system rich enough in colors, fonts, shapes and icons that could expound this idea.
• Never lose sight of the consumer brand.
• Represent the values of arnival, focusing in Rio de Janeiro, the South American carnival icon and place of origin of the Brahma beer.

Project development:
• The core was to get a beer identity that combines the imagery of carnivals in the region with the brand and the beer itself.
• The color criteria was essential to define the perfect balance between the carnival and beer universe."

Designed by ASTOR Branding