CODO Design - Natural Born Juicers

"Natural Born Juicers out of Indianapolis, IN specializes in cold-pressed, non-HPP juice, custom cleanses, blended juices, and smoothies.

We recently redesigned their packaging to stand out from an incredibly crowded market. An important step in our process is analyzing a given industry to identify patterns, clichés, and tropes, all to define opportunities for differentiation. That isn't too hard with juice. Almost everyone uses the same bottles. Almost everyone uses some variation of a clear label with white, overly-contemporary sans-serif typography spelling out ingredients. Almost everyone aligns themselves with a healthier lifestyle (yoga, meditation, pseudo-spirituality, small dogs named 'Kale,' and all that). And on and on.

Natural Born Juicers throw all of these me-too trends out the window with a sexy spot varnish effect splashed across a murdered-out label system that spans over thirty unique SKUs.

You can see more images and behind-the-scenes details over on our blog"

Designed by CODO Design