Kollektiv - "Teliani Valley Chacha"

"When "Teliani Valley" (which is one of the biggest wine producing company in Georgia) asked us to renew their product range of "Chacha" ("Chacha" is a tradiational Georgian pomace brandy it is sometimes called Georgian grape vodka or Georgian grappa. It is quite popular not only with locals but with foreign tourists as well). We decided to make it simple and make it Georgian. Because of the uniqueness of drink we decided to Dive deep into search for visual elements that could clearly express Georgian character. Solution came quite easily - Georgian Alphabet, which without doubt is one of the best definitions of Georgian identity. Alphabet, which has been added by UNESCO to the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. We started to play with Georgian letters combining old Georgian ornaments with letters itself. As a result we got a wordmark, which is as unique as Georgian "Chacha". The beauty of the letters (which were hand drawn and then scanned by us) gave us opportunity to make wordmark central part of the design and give the label a minimalistic appearance. Outcome is a symbiosis of Georgian elements (letters, ornaments etc.) and simplicity."

Designed by Kollektiv