Hills Design - Primal Joy

"Primal Joy make delicious healthy, handmade and natural paleo snacks.
We recently gave them a brand new identity and packaging for their range of bars, bites and granola's, in order to better reflect the quality of the products and achieve stand out on shelf.

Standing out in a highly competitive market isn't easy though, so creating something that not only stayed true to the company's values, but also had great impact was central to our approach.

Getting to the heart of what the products are about was the first step; these are healthy snacks, which are good for the body. And so the unique heart symbol was created, merging the company's initials in a unique and impactful way. This hand-drawn symbol makes the range easily identifiable, even on some of the smaller bars where space is limited.

The understated simplicity, combined with a strong clean typeface and white background helped formed the entire identity which ran across the packaging, website, show material and stationery.

Splashes of vibrant natural colours are interspersed throughout the range, helping to catch the eye of consumers and subtly separating the various offerings.

Copy on the packaging also hints to the new tone of voice, which we have helped craft. Featuring more prominently on our newly designed website for them - www.primaljoy.co.uk - it continues to showcase the fun, positive and approachable nature of Primal Joy.

Overall we found a unique way of combining minimalist design - to highlight the natural and healthy nature of the products - with bespoke creativity, all designed to help ensure more people can enjoy these great snacks."

Designed by Hills Design