Miguel Freitas - 100 Hectares Filigrana

"100 Hectares filigrana is a new project for 100 Hectares winery. Filigrana, the art of working metals, is an art very characteristic of Portuguese jewelery, despite being used in various locations around the world, filigrana had a significant growth in the Mediterranean countries . In Portugal , they were filigrana pieces discoveries that date back to 2500-2000 a.c. And that was the concept for this design project: thinking about origins and traditions and the way we could bring them to a wine from Douro, a region also full of traditions. The idea for the label started using as inspiration the traditional piece from Viana do Castelo Filigrana, the heart. Thinking about tradition in wine is also think about the legal certification piece from Douro legal institute and in this case we decided to use the traditional (and not in use nowadays) certification on bottle's neck called "selo cavaleiro" to give to the bottle a fine and distinguish line on top. We used this traditional certification on the bottle but on the wood box we decided to use not the traditional process whit hot iron but instead we use silkscreen printing."

Designed by Miguel Freitas