PACKLAB - Gallo Culinary Moments

"Gallo Worldwide is the No. 1 Portuguese brand of olive oil in the world. Essential part of the brand’s heritage, the Gallo olives have been part of the company’s portfolio since the early 20’s. Today, this global brand worked with PACKLAB on reinventing their assortments of table olives as a signature product line in convenient doy packs.  Seamlessly fitting into the existing portfolio of Gallo, yet lifting the category as a recognisable premium product choice for everyday moments of culinary enjoyment, the new design deservingly presents the brand as an essential choice for an effortlessly indulgent consumer.

The strategic design direction was strongly influenced by the fact the product had to potentially work in as many markets as possible beyond its first market entry in Brazil. The challenge was to make the product enticing and as natural as possible without giving too many cultural, market or origin bias visual cues, as so to appeal to a wider international market."


Designed by PACKLAB