Vasco Padrão, Gonçalo Mar - Oitava Colina Brewery

"Oitava Colina is a micro-brewery from a Lisbon neighbourhood called Graça. I was tasked to develop a brand that reflects their origins. After that, I teamed up with the Portuguese illustrator and street-artist Gonçalo Mar to create all the packaging materials.
In their own words: "To claim Lisbon as the City of Seven Hills, the same nickname given to Rome, Frei Nicolau de Oliveira ignored the Graça Hill, which was the eight hill of Lisbon. This eight hill, where our Brewery Oitava Colina was born, is the place we get the inspiration to develop and produce our beers. Through odd tales of characters that live in the hill side, we'll show you that, like them, our beers have personality! Now we can put the question out... Who is your beer?"
This question (and brand's signature) is answered on the labels, which tell the story of each character and explains its relation to that particular style of beer. This storytelling is present all brand materials."

Designed by Vasco Padrão 
Illustrator: Gonçalo Mar