Estudio Maba - Papaúpa Rum

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" Destilerías Bernal set us the task of creating a rum that would revitalise its existing Constitución brand and reach out to a younger customer base with a more casual “summer nights” style. We could not, however, ignore the company’s 80-year history or its founder, a figure of eminence and the inspiration for the original brand. Also, Dominican rums often evoke the values and symbols of the old tribal chiefs known as caciques, but we wanted to go one step further and reference the very origins of the Dominican spirit – the essence and personality of the Taíno people who inhabited the Caribbean before the arrival of European colonists. The concept and naming of the new brand was thus established right at the outset, insofar that the word PAPAUPA – “distinguished person” – effectively combines the eminent figure of Don Bernal with the Dominican Republic’s Taíno roots.

The Papaúpa rum label had to convey the product’s Dominican spirit as a Caribbean rum aged on the shores of the Mediterranean in brandy casks, while at the same time conserving its distillery’s trademark identity. It comprises a totem-style mask made up of organic lines typical of the Dominican Republic’s pre-Columbian culture. This serves as a background for the rounded lettering panel and the stamp containing references to the company’s foundation back in 1929. The design draws together different centuries, worlds and cultures producing a visual impact full of light and depth.

The label’s metallic nuances and its cold stamping onto the rounded glass give it an even more distinguished appearance. PAPAÚPA: a technically complex project and an impressive result."

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