O3 Design - Fazenda Floresta

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" Fazenda Floresta is a luxury high-end chocolate factory and coffee shops located in São Paulo, Brazil. The products are made with the finest cocoa beans and highest quality ingredients at a farm that exists since 1843. Elaborated in various flavors and formats, the family is made up of different product lines: chocolate bars, chocolate pralines, honey breads, chocolate bamboos, wafers, cakes and gelatos.

All this refinement and glamour required packaging that conveyed elegance, sophistication and quality. Therefore the communication of the packaging is inspired by the nobility of the ancient brazilian coffee farms. O3 Design designed this packages with rich colours, metallic finishes and lavish ornamentation to highlight the brand and imply wealth and luxury.

The packaging design for fine chocolates takes into consideration the good presentation of the products, the preservation and the surprise. They are gift products that also need to be in surprising gift packaging."

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