Ana Paulsen - Black (Student)

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" For this project I chose to revive the high end tea brand TWG Tea. Although a luxurious brand, TWG’s packaging lacked a strong identity. I brought to life the superior quality, vintage flavor, unique blends, and the diversity of these teas in a visually compelling way. I visually conveyed the various tea flavors through the use of colour, and created a more modern identity and packaging so that the brand is approachable without losing its sophisticated feel.

As TWG is known for having many different tea collections, I chose to focus on one their exquisite black tea collection. I used black packaging to denote that it was black tea. To offset the all black container I designed a white label with colour text and design to make it stand out just enough, without overpowering the overall packaging.

Create a new packaging structure and brand identity that reflects the core values of a marketed brand of tea in a contemporary and unique vision. "

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Designed by Ana Paulsen