Onfire Design - Flavour Fiend Finishing Butter

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" As an ex-chef, Owen Sinclair wanted to get out of the restaurant trade and apply his skills elsewhere. With a love of bold, full-on flavours and an upfront attitude to his food, he started to experiment with finishing butter, aimed at cooks looking to add serious flavour into their dishes.

Having created a tight knit range of butters, he needed a brand and packaging that matched the full-on butter. Reflecting his foodie ideals, Onfire created Flavour Fiend - a name and brand with real attitude and chef 'know-how' confidence. The exuberance of the name is matched by a confidence in its hand crafted brush stroke typography. Creating a sleeve around the pottles, Onfire made the most of the colourful butters, while communicating the real flavours with macro food photography.

In an aisle of brands leaning towards heritage, Flavour Fiend comes in hot with its own unapologetic attitude. Get serious about flavour!"

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