Van Heertum Design VHD - Aurum Borthers jewellery packaging

VHD AurumBrothers Box Open.jpg

" Creating a packaging design for men’s jewellery that tells the story of ancient gemstones and literally takes you into the world of Aurum Brothers is kind of a challenge… but we loved every minute of it!

Aurum Brothers’ passion is providing men with custom luxury wrist-wear that is the perfect combination of style and comfort. They are on a mission to revive ancient crafting techniques, materials and stories the stones used to carry within them.

Three things that are a must at Aurum Brothers:

1) Superior skilled craftsmanship - the kind that you look at a piece of work, and see the time and love that went into creating it.
2) Pieces that you cannot find anywhere else - Pieces just don’t seem as valuable and special if they are mass produced and in every department store.
3) The story behind a piece of jewellery (or anything for that matter) - The stories of great men who have worn these materials before you, where the stones came from and how it was made...

For their new and most luxurious collection, named Varnos, we created a unique packaging design, made of the best natural materials. The top of the box is decorated by a handmade illustration based on 6 different ancient cultures, representing the most used (gem)stones at Aurum Brothers:

- Hematite – Native American
- Hematite – Romans
- Obsidian – Mayans
- Tiger Eye – African Tribes
- Sodalite – Caral Society (Peru)
- Obsidian – Japanese Samurai

You open the pack by sliding open the outer shell, which literally divides the illustration, taking you into the “world” of Aurum Brothers, with the luxurious bracelet presented as a centrepiece."

VHD AurumBrothers Box Dicht.jpg
VHD AurumBrothers Box Uitleg.jpg