World Packaging Design Students 2017


"In my graduation project at Forsbergs School of graphic design and advertisement, I asked myself if it’s possible to make an aesthetically appealing packaging design for the visually impaired. Is it possible to give the sightless same experiences as people with vision? " See more


"KISHA is founded with the aim of making stylish soaps that are specially designed to create meaning and an experience for teenybopper." See more


"Wahaka Mezcal a sustainably produced and community-focused brand. Unlike any other spirit, mezcal is a product of its territory; you can taste the Spirit of Oaxaca in every drop of this artisanal crafted, small-batch elixir." See more


"This project is a response to an assignment of existing packaging reuse. By simply screwing it in at the bottom of a recycled coffee cup, any electric light bulb becomes perfectly protected. The addition of a Kraft paper strip enables the identification of the product." See more


"The aim is to reduce the plastic use of plastic packaging daily household items." See more


"Bloody Good aims to convince you to eat according to your blood type. Our food range consists of ready meals best suited to your blood group so that your body can get the most out of the food you eat. Thus challenging and making it easier for you to find out your blood type." See more


"The aim was to come up with a reusable packaging which could carry upto 6 eggs." See more


"Käfer (n) Kä•fer: Beetle in German.
Käfer Coffee + Roaster is an affordable, upscale coffee shop and roaster based in the city of Berlin, Germany. Germans like their coffee and Käfer is a one-stop-shop for roasted beans and hand-crafted drinks. The design of everything from the amber glass bottles to the cardboard brown cylinders was intended to reflect the handcrafted, sophisticated tone of the company." See more


"Imagine the situation — you are on vacation. Relaxing on the beach. Enjoying the beautiful seascape. Would you like to prolong the pleasure and extend the moments of your long-awaited holiday? So do we! "Spread a moment of happiness!" That's our slogan." See more


"The packaging concept for alcohol drink "Smart brandy".
Often, people drink strong alcohol and get so drunk, even forgot their names and home location. The bottle of "smart" brandy helps to remember who you are and where you live even if your mind refused to do it :) Package also keeps info about your trustee (friend, colleague, or family member), so you (or someone else) can call him and ask for help." See more

AdminStudent, 2017