Maria Oldecop - Guasa Eva Craft beer

" The goal was to give the beer with a unique personality, rebellious and kind of freaky; matching its consumers. This was achieved by custom styling each of the beer collections (divided by its quality and price), with a touch of humor and irony, using a different technique and aesthetic for each one of them.

The first product line makes use of political correctness as a theme, modifying commonly used beer type names

The labels say:
- It's not blond, it has a pigmentation deficiency
- It's not red, it's only in a state of fear or insecurity
- It's not black, it only has a lack of luminosity

For the premium product line it was assigned to each type of beer (blond, red and black) a representative character, popular in Argentina or famous all over the world.

For Super Premium Beer, it was used a special bottle and packaging, with an illustration made in an old engraving style, which at first sight, it's looks like a simple image of Adam and Eve, but given a closer look it´'s observed that they are smiling and surrounded by sin.

Easy going and fun, it is a unique design, with a subtle humor. Also, because of the diverse techniques used, it becomes a very open system that allows you to launch new lines of product, joined in their attitude and character. "

Designed by Maria Oldecop