Sol Benito - Moveda Eau De Toilette for Man

" Brief: The brief highlighted the need to create a sturdy yet sophisticated product concept that expresses Chic, Style and elegance for masculine Perfume product meant for GCC province.

Strategy: A chic blend of class and contemporary , Thus the job scope was to find an ultimate object of man's identity that symbolises Chic, Style and elegance, so we took Wood mnemonic of manliness and Earthiness, this product concept was further enhanced by using right set of material, finish and production technique. The colour palette was kept minimal with Light & Dark wood with Gold and silver as prominent respectively for pack & bottle, while bottle surface was treated completely transparent to give very glossy manly look and we transformed the product into a sensory delight.

Anatomy of Product: Bottle: Hydro printed wooden cap with transparent glossy bottle.
Packaging: Light wooden texture with moveda logo debosed all over the pack "

Designed by Sol Benito