Studio More - Queen & Kind (Concept)

"Here at Studio More, we create ‘More Thinking’ briefs to challenge us as a studio: to produce
brands and packaging solutions in thought-provoking ways as self-initiated projects.
As a studio who works with lots of great food & drink brands that are challenging the norms of
their markets, albeit sugar-free energy drinks or drinks saving the bee population. We are
inspired by their approaches and with that in mind we created our first ‘More Thinking’ brief.
We wanted to explore the idea of thoughtful luxury and how a challenger brand could be born
within the beauty world. The idea of Queen & Kind is centered around of a play on words, using
‘Queen’ to represent both luxury & the target consumer, the ‘Kind’ is represented by the playful
thought of the queen bowing her crown.
The brand Queen & Kind would introduce clean and considered products to the beauty world,
using 100% natural ingredients and be a sustainable brand."

Designed by Studio More
Creative Director - Dan Wilson
Account Director - Nikita Sun