LOCO Studio - Gorkovskaya Yolka's souvenirs

" It is nearly 300 years since the tradition of decorating the New Year tree has been popularized. And Nizhniy Novgorod is a unique city which has an unusual New Year tree to show off — the one which is called Gorkovskaya ( 1900-1904) named in honor of a well-known writer, Maksim Gorky. But it is so peculiar not of the presence of a rare fur-tree but of the way of celebrating New Year, where charity came first: children were drank tea, were given presents and those, who were in need, could be helped. In 2016 “Gorkovskaya Yolka ( New Year Tree)” was recreated on the threshold of 150 years since the birthday of Maxim Gorky. Following this goal , our team design the Brand, souvenirs including collections of chocolate, jams cooked according to long-standing recipes, gingerbreads and sweets. For the visualization, images of vintage decorating elements were used."

Designed by LOCO Studio