Titov Design - Dorasti caviar

" The mission of Dorasti company is simple: to discover, introduce, and share with their patrons the finest hand-selected caviar that meets their rigorous standard of quality, the expectations for their clients, and is worthy of any occasion and budget.
The caviar is prepacked in a little jars which are decorated with a minimal and premial design. There are postprint effects on them: gold debossing and UV-varnish. There is a ship on the upper section of the label, it's a part of a company logo. The stars spread like the cluster of berries. The stylized sea waves are underneath. The coposition is drawn in the circle, each difers in colours. Strict lines, sharp accents, minimalizm all together compose harmonic visual decision for a premial product. Additionally the spectacular design of print materials was made."

Designed by Titov Design