Quentin Lambert, Yan Huang, Carla Marceau, Simon Le Roux - Junky Lady (student)

" Junkie Lady is a green tea packaging, created by Yan Huang , Carla Marceau , Quentin Lambert and Simon Le Roux , french students in graphic design.
The idea was for us to be both provocative and a reminder of the British tradition for drinking tea. For the design, we got inspired by old British ladies' wallpapers, with a baroque look, as well as the packaging of different packs of drugs (such as ecstasy and marijuana), with different patterns for each taste (first made with linocut and then screen printed), that make the "Junkie Lady" stand out.
As for the logo, the "Junkie Lady" is followed by a hand-written baseline : "Locally grown in downtown London 100g", to emphasize the link with handwriting on drugs packaging and the British look we wanted to give to the packaging.
The final packaging is made of transparent paper, and the screen printing was used to have this colorful look we wanted."