SUMP DESIGN - Kallos Awoop Magic Hair Fiber

" KALLOS is designed for beauty care for men with various cosmetic products. Our brand logo is a longevous “owl,” a symbol of eternal young in Japan, to imply that men can always be “metrosexual” even they are workaholic day and night! KALLOS sell goods on internet in combination with 2 concepts including “humor and fun” and “American Comic” to present the strong visual effect. There is different motif and appeals of every product according to different markets and target customers. “MOTISS” is designed for those who are tinning hair or partial hairless. We adopt the “magic show” to develop the visual effect to transcribe the “magic (in Chinese)” so that our consumers can have their hair volumize immediately as if the magician performs a magic on them! KALLOS aims to convey that the features of our products are as funny as their visual effects."

Designed by SUMP DESIGN