kissmiklos - Erzsébet Alehouse

" Erzsébet Alehouse is located in Noszlopy Gáspár street in Kaposvár. The street was originally named after the Hungarian queen assassinated in 1898, Erzsébet (Hungarian translation of Elizabeth). Once the iconic Erzsébet Restaurant occupied the property.
When designing the place the owners and I both considered tradition very important and have therefore decided to give the new alehouse the former name of the property. For the same reasons, when constructing the visual identity, we took the queen’s initial as a starting point and refer to the queen, her husband, Franz Joseph, furthermore, we generally use German, their native language.
We service the oil, vinegar, chili sauce, mustard etc. in beer bottles, and we mark the table reservations beer bottle too.
Location: 6. Noszlopy Gáspár u., Kaposvár, 7400 "

Client: Erzsébet Sörház (Ivánfi Balázs, Réti András)
Art direction: kissmiklos
Identity, graphic design and packaging: kissmiklos
Interior design: Ivánfi Balázs, Réti András, kissmiklos
Interior photos: Bálint Jaksa
Product and identity photos: Eszter Sarah