Olkas Voron - BONSAI

" Bonsai is a line of homecare products developed by Japanese scientists. It consists of products that tackle any homecare challenge and at the same time they do not damage surfaces or fabrics they are safe for pets and, of course, humans.
The composition of Bonsai products is a result of the most advanced development in green chemistry. Due to the specific fully wash away formula they can be used by people with sensitive skin or suffering from allergies.
Bonsai products can be divided into two categories. The first one is very conservative and highly functional which is proved by the symbols on the containers and instructions for use. The second category is delicate with sophisticated fragrances which were created especially for Bonsai by the best Japanese and European perfume houses.
Bonsai package is designed for comfortable use. Multigels are fitted with dispensers which is handy for washing up and allows you to control the amount of the used product. Superconcentrated biodetergents are supplied with measuring spoons and packed into hermetical containers. Your home is full of freshness and looks the best possible way."

Designed by Olkas Voron