YG Design - Senzatempo

" 3 sparkling wines fermented through traditional methods were launched for millennials. The distinctive component of this project is that it encompassed 3 different brands: a Lambrusco with the brand Riunite, a Prosecco Maschio, and a Pignoletto with the brand Righi. We had to define their visual identity and find a common name for consumers to perceive them as part of the same family, while preserving the distinct character of the 3 brands with which the wines will sell in the market. The resulting presentation has a craft look that recaptures the past and brings it to the present. The common element is the use of traditional fermentation methods: “bottle fermented.” We emphasized the recovery of ancient methods “made as it used to be made.” The name in common chosen for the line is “Senzatempo” (Italian for timeless)."

Designed by YG Design