MAROG Creative Agency - Samurai Japanese Cuisine

" The branding of Samurai Japanese Cuisine in Yerevan is based on the brand concept of samurai fish characters ready to scarify themselves to serve the customers the freshest sushi and other delicious food from Japanese cuisine.

The team came up with the idea of samurai fish who commit hara-kiri to satisfy their Emperors, i.e. their customers. This unusual Japanese ritual and the peculiarities of Japanese cuisine inspired the designers to create four characters of self-sacrificing fishes; TUNA, SHRIMP, OCTOPUS and the CONGER.

Being unbelievable fans of sushi, our team knew the importance of impressing customers with unique product packaging. So they designed a special delivery box that contains sushi and rolls, chopsticks, wasabi, gari and soy sauce – a true paradise for sushi lovers.

There is also a tearoom in the Samurai Japanese Cuisine used for tea ceremonies for which the team of designers created a beautiful illustration inspired by the famous print “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by the Japanese artist Hokusai. The same illustration was used to create a packaging design of tea containers to be placed in the tearoom."