Isabel Tabarini, Fernanda Madrigal, Nancy Nieto - Fuel Juice Co. (Concept)

" Branding and Packaging concept design for a new range of blended fruit and vegetable juices.
Fuel Juice Co. is a line of premium organic juices, created to boost the overall physical wellness of the busy working consumer.

Nowadays, we are constantly on the move. More often than not we don't devote time to care about our health and focus on ourselves. The remaining options are hazardous energy drinks that quickly provide that extra boost we need but aren't healthy for our bodies. Fuel is the solution for this: convenient energy for the modern day consumer.

Our ultimate goal was to create a different but approachable product designed to bring maximum organic nutrition, providing healthy energy to the “work hard, play hard” people. Inspired both by the language and the design of the fuel containers back in the 50’s, we developed a simple, contemporary brand that communicates the concept of "energy" and high quality with enough coding to clearly articulate a friendly, honest and natural product. From the naming of the brand to the creation of the logo design and packaging, we’ve ensured that the product looks unlike any other currently on the market, creating a brand able to break boundaries across the retail space.

As a result, we've managed to avoid the traditional visual clichés and create a simple but solid packaging, with a strong connection to its origins and its consumers. Fuel is a line of five organic juices designed to help you fuel up with the right kind of energy."