Bridgemark - Snakmandoo

" For millennials, the kitchen is an exciting place. It’s no longer just a pit stop for macaroni & cheese, it’s the portal to your next adventure. Snakmandoo calls consumers to venture out boldly – with their snacks, and beyond.

New from Bellisio Foods, Snakmandoo is a line of crispy bakeable bites. Bellisio journeyed with Bridgemark to create and develop the brand. Snakmandoo leverages typography and vibrant color to tell a story - one of thrilling adventure, unique discoveries and above all, food to be craved!

Snacking habits are changing, especially where millennials are concerned. Meal times are ambiguous, as consumers seek to fulfill their cravings beyond all else. But the emotional pull towards free-spirited pursuits is strong. Snakmandoo entices consumers to set out on a flavor quest and take risks - what are YOU going to DOO?"

Designed by Bridgemark