Cook Chick Design - Adnams: Rye Spirits

" Following on from the success of Copper House Gin and East Coast Vodka, Adnams has been expanded its spirits range to include Rye. This Rye used is produced locally by Jonathan Adnams on his farm in Reydon which is only 1 mile from the distillery.

Taking a lead from the original two spirits we wanted the Rising Sun and Rye Hill branding approach to fully integrate with the glass bottle.

Rye Hill Vodka:
The name Rye Hill was inspired by the source of the key ingredient. The village of Reydon derives from Rey Dun - an Old English name for ‘Rye Hill’.

The 360 degree print allows the ‘hill of rye’ illustration to rotate around the bottle connecting the front to the back. This also in turn, allows a backdrop for strong brand stand out.

Rising Sun Gin:
The inspiration for the name Rising Sun originated from its Japanese Matcha Tea ingredient and the fact that Suffolk’s East Coast is the first area to see the morning sun.

The green sun - printed on the back of the bottle - rises from the water providing a backdrop to the Rising Sun branding.

The unusual ingredients are brought to life in a playful yet premium way.

The colour palette of both brands encapsulate the ingredients and flavour profile creating good stand out and also working in harmony with the rest of the spirits range."

Designed by Cook Chick Design