YG Design - Luna de Murviedro

" The objective of the Project was to extend the present line of Cavas (sparkling wine of traditional methods) to the line of sparkling wines (charmat method). A range of brut and demi sparklings was developed, to which the “Premium” was added, and that was expected to be starring in innovation and impact.

A “sleever” (heat-shrink packaging sleeve that covers the whole bottle and allows printing all the surface) label was used, but keeping the design styles used in the normal version of the sparkling. The art is a texture formed by the moon, the sky and fauns –characters related to the night-, applied in gold stamping on a white opalescent background. The product is flashy on the shelves, but elegant and of high perceived value.

The brand “Luna de Murviedro” fits into a central half-moon."

Designed by YG Design