WPA Pinfold - Thwaites - Crafty Dan

" WPA Pinfold were briefed to create the identity and packaging for a new, innovative range of packaged and keg beers to reposition Thwaites in the contemporary craft beer sector. The new Crafty Dan range aimed to take on the American craft beer imports and position the beers as added value - trading off the Thwaites heritage, whilst positioning the beers for younger drinkers.

The Crafty Dan range combines the best of both worlds (old and new) with nearly 200 years of brewing know-how and bold American hops and malts. The 13 Guns design celebrates the formation of the United States of America, with classic illustration and typography, that symbolise the craftsmanship and attention to detail that has gone into the brewing process, whilst the overall look is clean and fresh which perfectly reflects the beer itself. Each design has a clear definition of its beer style (which is a key communicator for today’s more experimental drinkers) and supporting copy emphasises the more challenging ingredients and flavours.

The new branding and packaging uses a classic illustration style and crafted lettering – presenting it in a fresh, clean contemporary way. The background is a non-standard cream (not a Pantone, PMS colour) which has been carefully balanced on press. The sample room style back label typography, which emphasises the brewer and ingredients, further enhances the style and personality of the beers. The challenge was to integrate the branding across all packaging formats (bottle, can and fount) and communicate a premium positioning. The designs have roots in traditional scraperboard illustration style, with a contemporary edge that resonates with the graphic style for craft beers in the USA.

On shelf (and on bar) standoff is exceptional with results providing Thwaites with a +590% increase in average sales per beer."

Designed by WPA Pinfold