Shubham Sanklecha - MIXOLOGY (Student)

" We all know Biology is a study of life, geology is a study of earth and etc, just like other -ologies MIXOLOGY is a term used to describe the art of mixing beverages. In the past decade bartending has become a profession as well as passion, they spread the love of cocktails and hospitality throughout the world. But when it comes to personality and habits, everybody has their own taste buds and personal preferences, some may like Gin with tonic water but some may also like Gin with Soda water. What if you were given a chance to pick your own choice of flavour and then combine and make your own personal cocktail beverage? Introducing a brand that allows you to 'Be Your Own Bartender', a brand that allows you to personalise and customise the beverages just the way you want. With a variety of flavors one can explore endless possibilities of cocktails. The user chooses its own choice of mixers/cocktails/spirits and then combine them with each other in any pair or drink it individually. Be brave, twist, shake and enjoy! "