Renato Keiteris Studio - Welcome Kit of the Gráfica Tarfc (Print Shop)

" This is a special box containing two Special Folders with information about the services, areas of work and equipament of the Print Shop, a Memory Game and a Graphic Deck.

Created by Renato Keiteris Studio, with illustrations by Leo Gibran, the Welcome Kit of the Gráfica Tarfc (Print Shop) has sophisticated finishing and a high degree of technical difficulty. The box, which has special finishes, has a QR Code printed on the back of its cover.

The sample Tarfc special finishes are displayed in the Memory Game. The cards in the Graphic Deck are the display/sample of paper and plastics used in the printing industry. In a playful and creative way, customers know the services and already have at their disposal the paper, plastic and finishing options offered by Gráfica Tarfc."