Taxi Studio - Minute Maid Global Identity System

" Taxi Studio Create A True Global Family for Minute Maid

Taxi Studio collaborated with Coca-Cola’s global design team to give Minute Maid a brave new brand identity system.

The juice category was deeply complex, visually cluttered and confusing for consumers and rapidly changing consumer needs were causing an influx of innovations. So, in 2014, it was decided that Minute Maid would be redesigned to ensure it retained its #1 position.

From the research groups we attended across the globe, we discovered a set of four needstates which we applied to the entire Minute Maid portfolio: Essentials, Refresh, Nutri and Delight. We then colour-coded these platforms in fixed, flexible and free areas to help guide consumers painlessly through to purchase.

Our category-norm-defying chassis system (with a fruit architecture) creates a billboard effect at retail and elevates the original brandmark story of dark fertile soil under a lush green horizon and a sun-drenched grove.

To ensure every on-pack element was world-class standard, along with a strong use of the Minute Maid black, we also developed exceptionally beautiful and realistic depictions of fruit that celebrate nature’s imperfections.

Minute Maid’s new design is set to roll out globally in 2017 and consumer testing in all markets has already come back with positive results; better stand-out, increased desire to purchase, and better juice credentials versus Minute Maid's current design."

Designed by Taxi Studio