AKA Brand Design - Red Rock Deli

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" As the market leader in the premium potato chip category, Red Rock Deli is constantly evolving; setting the benchmark for quality, taste experience and design. In 2017 Red Rock Deli wanted to deliver a striking new packaging design for their core potato chip range, with the intent to redefine premium and enliven the senses of their foodie consumer.

Known for using only the finest quality ingredients and delectable flavour combinations, we focused our attention on creating a design that allowed this to be the visual focus. Using overhead photography we captured the natural texture of flavours such as Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream and Lime & Black Pepper; ensuring the freshness and flavour burst through visually on pack. The grey zinc background and subtle use of metallic provide the finishing touches to this premium and enticing pack design."

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Designed by AKA Brand Design