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Zhuk : MZVV - Royal Blau %22Weiber Engel%22 and %22Schwarzer Engel%221.jpg

Zhuk / MZVV - Royal Blau "Weiber Engel" and "Schwarzer Engel"

"This project was made to stand out on the shelf, to attract the costumer with its vibrant colour and contrast and additionally to reveal the product’s quality.

This elegant wine of light golden sunny colour has strong special taste and individual original flavour. Exotic fruits, citrus and green apple are guessed in the floral bouquet. The taste is soft and harmonious.

Idea was to focus on the heritage of the brand his visual-code. The starting point of the design process was the development of this incredible shape of the label and the color of the bottle.
A design full of elegance, sophistication and poetry with a modern approach.
The idea of the concept we decided to continue a strong printing house."

Zhuk : MZVV - Royal Blau %22Weiber Engel%22 and %22Schwarzer Engel%223.jpg
Zhuk : MZVV - Royal Blau %22Weiber Engel%22 and %22Schwarzer Engel%224.jpg

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