Distilled 50 Bottles Limited Edition, Adorned with Chapter, Series and Certificate


Voice - McLaren Vale Distillery, Bloodstone Preview Release

"The Bloodstone Collection is a collaboration between The McLaren Vale Distillery and celebrated winemakers from the McLaren Vale wine region. Limited to 50 bottles per release, the Single Cask Single Malt Spirit is a rare opportunity to preview the early stages of each cask before it develops into a mature whisky.

Produced with a focus on exceptional quality and barrel provenance, each series represents a set of barrels supplied by a single winemaker, while each chapter represents the specific cask the whisky is currently ageing in. 

The Bloodstone Collection’s value lies in its rarity. Once a release is gone, it’s gone forever—making it highly desirable for whisky enthusiasts.

Over the next 7 years, 60 of these products will be released. A clear cataloguing system was required to ensure each release could be identified quickly as to which series it belonged.

As a result, the numbering system is king.

Packaged with an accompanying certificate of provenance—its unadorned nature codifies this as a preview spirit—young and pure, a blank canvas for the final whisky."


Design Agency: Voice
Brand / Project Name: McLaren Vale Distillery, Bloodstone Preview Release
Location: Global
Market Country: Multiple Countries
Market Region: Global
Project Type: Agency Commercial / Published
Project Category: Spirits
Packaging Format: Bottle, Box
Substrate / Material: Glass, Pulp Paper