Premium Boutique Wine with Authentically Designed Labels Replicating Tin and Brass Plant Labels of Yesteryears


Voice - Grove Hill

" Founded in 1846 in the Adelaide Hills by horticulturalist Charles Giles, Grove Hill became renowned for establishing the most exotic and comprehensive plant nursery in South Australia. Today Grove Hill is a small winery and orchard, owned and operated by Giles’ descendants, producing small batch, premium-release wines. Sold direct to market and retailing for $90 a bottle, Grove Hill required packaging that reflected the boutique and premium nature of the wine, while respecting its rich 170-year horticultural history.

Grove Hill’s labels take the form of 19th Century horticultural plant labels—as found protruding from the soil at the nurseries and greenhouses of Grove Hill. The shape, detailing and finishing of these plant labels was highly considered, acting as a form of branding for nurseries. This lead to the shape and colour variation to differentiate the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varietals.

To authentically replicate the tin and brass plant labels of yesteryear, the labels were produced in France from pewter—a malleable metal alloy composed of tin, mixed with copper."


Design Agency: Voice
Brand / Project Name: Grove Hill
Location: Australia
Market Country: Australia
Market Region: Global
Project Type: Agency Commercial / Published
Project Category: Wine
Packaging Format: Bottle
Substrate / Material: Metal