Strong, Rustic and Enigmatic Skull Wine Label Design from Argentina

Caliptra · Creative Studio - Vinyes Ocults · Gran Malbec

"Gran Malbec is the most expensive wine Vinyes Ocults has. Therefor it was decided to put all the work on the label and make it the visual focus point. The so known Skull is still there due to the great success it had on the market, but instead of paper we decided to use metal. This gave the wine a strong, rustic and enigmatic look, reflecting the identity that is shown through all the Vinyes Ocults wines."

Vinyes Ocults · Gran Malbec4.jpg
Vinyes Ocults · Gran Malbec2.jpg

Design Agency: Caliptra · Creative Studio
Brand / Project Name: Vinyes Ocults · Gran Malbec
Location: Argentina
Market Country: Multiple Countries
Market Region: Multiple Regions
Project Type: Agency Commercial / Published
Project Category: Wine
Packaging Format: Bottle
Substrate / Material: Metal