Fine Chinese Women's Skincare Product Range

Yulya Ratnikova - Fine China Skincare

"Fine China is a new brand of cosmetics who have decided to help your skin to look naturally bright and white like perfect porcelain. Tender, snow-white and shining skin has been considered as a sign of aristocracy and a secret of the magnificence of beauties for a long time. Women in China and Japan specially bleached the skin with various secret means. Smooth, glowing skin of the face, with a milky pink flush, is charming, it looks fragile and beautiful like a fine china."

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Design Agency: Yulya Ratnikova
Brand / Project Name: Fine China Skincare Brand
Location: United Kingdom
Market Country: United Kingdom
Market Region: Europe
Project Type: Student Concept / Non Published
Project Category: Health and Beauty
Packaging Format: Box, Tube
Substrate / Material: Plastic