David & Vsevolod - Rijksstudio Award (Concept)

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"We present to your attention the project created for the competition of the National Museum. Within the framework of the competition there was a task to create a project that would popularize the Rijksmuseum collections and inspire viewers. We carefully watched the collection of the museum, and we had an idea how to create a collection of jewelry associated with painting. At the heart of our project are intertwined beauty and time, and the project was named "eternal values". We have developed copies of jewelry, the images of which we derived from the painting of Dutch authors. The project of original earrings, rings and pearl necklaces repeats images from the paintings of Werner van den Valckert, Anne Louis Girodet-Trioson, Anthony van Dyck. A unique packaging was also created, which should cause a person to associate with the masterpiece and organically supplement the decoration. There is an illusion that the decoration is in the picture and you have the opportunity to take it in your hands through time. Inside the package there is a loose leaf that reveals more detailed information about the collection."

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