Evelyn Chee - Inspire to Strive: Elephant Whisky (Student)

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"The Brief:
Create a brand personality and identity system for a new whisky that is hitting the market in the UK next year. It’s called Elephant Whisky. Elephant differentiates itself by being distilled only in India and is one of only very few Indian Whiskies imported into this country. Create an interesting brand identity and extend the brand to its physical packaging that you communicate the brand's personality clearly and to your chosen target audiences/demographics.

A sophisticated and unique whisky, hand-crafted with passion and determination. We are bringing you Elephant Whisky, distilled and blended in the country of diversity - India.

Elephant Whisky will stay true to inspire the gentlemen out there to be ahead of the game. Elephant Whisky is passionate to sound smart. We make you con dent in the sack, you should know that you are not afraid to let the world know. We want you to experience a more authentic and fulfilling life. We are invulnerable to fear and challenges, we are the representation of determination.

The brand identity and packaging has been reflecting the brand values and personality, also making sure it integrates with the brand story well. A story of an expedition team with the prince as the leader to search for an elixir in order to cure the king's illness.

The product and its packaging are always integrating with the brand story. Every detail of the product tells the story to the audiences. The elixir-liked shape of the bottle was chosen to complement the brand story. The label of the product which looks like the shape of armor represents the expedition team. As this is a premium product with rich heritage concept, the copper embossing finish gives it a sophisticated yet smart look. 

There are two different packaging for this product, one is for the premium Single Malt Whisky while another one is for the Blended Whisky. The premium and expensive Single Malt Whisky comes with a minimal black box which including the brand story, while the blended variant which only comes with the bottle speaks to the audiences by the bottle and label itself.

Get you a drink of boldness, a drink crafted with authenticity, which inspires you to be fearless. Get you an Elephant Whisky."

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