Patrycja Pawlik - Rupaki (Student)

Patrycja Pawlik - Rupaki1.jpg

"Main concept was to create consistent packaging design for children's plush toys along with promotional materials that are not necessarily disposable- materials such as magnets, booklet, activity book, cards, stickers are dedicated for children aged 4-7 and they become an excuse for further creative activity. Inspiration for this project, toys and promotional materials was a poem of Danuta Wawiłow - "O rupakach". I also decided to name toys after characters of this publication and design them in new, modern and simplified form. Toys were created using linoleum block printing method on 100% cotton fabrics. Packages for Rupaki were created to not only for commercial purposes like exposition of toys but also they can become a decorative part of kids' bedroom or perform appropriable function for example as a setup for children's games or a home for the plush toys. Also the geometrical form of packaging designs is consistent with shapes of toys and reminds us of little houses."

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