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"Emolan is a company of dermatologic products, specialized in specific treatments, where all the offered is high quality, have a solid reputation and got medical background. 

Brand Problems
- Consumers doesn't know all the brand products
- Consumers doesn't know they have products for the whole family
- Low presence of the brand in the POP
- Highly competitive market

- Develop a design proposition for Emolan, with specific differences between the products but creating a visual coherence of the brand. 
- Have more presence in the POP and differentiation between the competence. 
- Re-evaluation and redesign of the Logo, the company face. 

The new packaging design use color coding effectively, strengthen freshness and professional image of the product. 
The design solutions included: 
Product Differentiation, all products divided into 2 colored lines depending on their focus: Mother Care and Baby Care. 
Also it is integrated with a series of icons that represent each product and their effect."

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Designed by SIMPLE CHILE , Jose Duran