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" The Coco Livin’ company has been growing coconuts in Vietnam for many years to make delicious products out of them. When the time came to market these products, the company’s Australian owners tasked Zero11 with creating the brand identity and first range of products, the 330ml Coconut Waters.

Returning to the roots, our team understood that coconut trees had a special place in the culture of Vietnamese as well as the country’s economic development process. Our researches lead us to one place: the fabled "Land of the Coconut” (Xu Dua) in Ben Tre, Vietnam. With vast gardens of green coconut trees, Ben Tre Province is considered the “capital” of coconuts in Vietnam, and the place from which we drew our main inspiration.

Our approach, a communicative mix of subtle sun bleached and tinted “midnight” backgrounds, large coconut Illustrations, hand drawn typography, an unusual but distinctive pastel color palette, map and palm tree illustration, an ingredient story, and a stamp texture neatly delivered a tropical, exported sensibility with a contemporary eye for color that drew attention to a new coconut variety and its unique provenance. "

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