Packaging for Coffee Toscana Day and Night

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Anna Chorna - Toscana

Italian premium coffee roasters in Ukraine made from natural fried coffee beans.

Consists of two flavors - "Crema Toscana Caffe" - light pleasant taste like a latte /Toscana Day/ and "Perfetto Toscana Caffe" - saturated excellent coffee /Toscana Night/. 

Packaging with a secret - when you open the side flaps, you meet funny characters, such as the flying cow... Packaging consists of drawings that reveal vividly with humor Italian flavors. Day and night Italy. The information side, which is usually boring and not interesting, is represented in the graphics, that makes you want to read and be interested in...
Real Italy!

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Design Agency : Anna Chorna
Article Title: Packaging for Coffee Toscana Day and Night
Brand / Project Name: Toscana
Design Credits: Anna Chorna Graphic Designer and Illustrator 
Production Credits : Matt foil
Project Type: Corporate Brand Creation
Design Deliverables: Corporate Brand Identity, Corporate Graphic Design
Location: Ukraine
Market Country: Ukraine
Market Region: Europe
Project Type: Freelance Commercial, Published
Project Category: Beverage, Cupboard Food
Consumer Packaging Format: Bag, Box, Sachet
Consumer Substrate / Material: Metal, Plastic