Gift Packaging Design Concept of Mexican Traditional Sauces

Gulya Gomez - Muchacho en Fuego

I was so lucky to have a trip to Mexico and meet to Mexican culture, so strong, rich, soulful and sincere. I felt in love with the great Mexican food, and now it’s impossible to imagine how to live without it. All my inspiration was used for creating this gift packaging of Mexican sauces. Muchacho en Fuego represents well the feeling, when you eat Mexican food. And the shape of the jars is inspired by old style hand crafted glass jars.

Gulya Gomez - Muchacho en Fuego5.png
Gulya Gomez - Muchacho en Fuego11.png
Gulya Gomez - Muchacho en Fuego13.png

Design Agency : Gulya Gomez
Article Title: Gift Packaging Design Concept of Mexican Traditional Sauces
Brand / Project Name: Muchacho en Fuego
Design Credits: Gulya Gomez, designer
Alexander Ovcharenko, visualisation
Project Type: Consumer Brand Creation
Strategic Deliverables: Consumer Brand Naming
Design Deliverables: Consumer Brand Identity, Consumer Brand Creation, Consumer Graphic Packaging Design, Consumer Structural Packaging Design
Location: Russia
Market Country: Multiple Countries
Market Region: Global
Project Type: Freelance Concept, Non Published
Project Category: Food
Consumer Packaging Format: Jar
Consumer Substrate / Material: Glass, Metal